My wedding tricks to reduce stress

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Start organizing very early on

Being organized pays off when it comes to bringing together a wedding. The first thing to do is make a list of all the things you would like to have for your wedding. The list may be long at first, but don’t worry. Your budget will minimize the list as you go along. You may not be able to do everything you have ever dreamt of, but if you prioritize, then you will for sure end up with an amazing result.

Set a budget

After making a list of the things to be included on your special day, the most important thing is to set a budget. The budget will also depend upon the number of guests. Setting a budget may be hard. If you are spending money from your savings, then you have to consider the opportunity cost of spending that money on the wedding. Be realistic about what you can do with the time and money available.

Confirm all suppliers

Confirm with all the suppliers and professionals working for your wedding, I would say 3 months ahead. And then again, the week before the wedding. This will help you relax as you can check things off your to do list. The only thing left is to sit back, have faith and let them do their job.

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Personal planning for the big day

A realistic schedule of the day is necessary. If you are not getting help from a wedding planner, one other very important thing is to prepare an emergency contact list for suppliers. So in case something comes up, they can either contact the best man or the maid of honor or a friend or relative who you trust. On the big day, the last thing you want is suppliers and vendors calling your mobile and stressing you out.

Pack “Just in case”

My advice is to create an emergency kit, just in case. Pack tissues, powder, mints, lipstick, mascara, blister plasters, a tiny bottle of water, safety pins, hair grips, deodorant and perfume into a bag and get someone to carry it during the day.

Shoes or no shoes?

Have someone carry an extra pair of shoes and a pair of flats for the end of the night. If you are having a big wedding reception (I think this only applies to Cypriot weddings), then you can use my little trick.

Have someone build a small wooden step, so that you can take of your shoes, stand on it and hide it under your wedding dress. This is a serious pain and discomfort saving trick.

Last but not least…

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Let others help

Some people find it very hard to relinquish control over their wedding to do list. I am one of those people. One thing I regret when planning my wedding was trying to do absolutely everything by myself. It caused me a lot of stress. At the time though, my little perfectionist mind did not want to lose control. If you are not hiring a wedding planner, the trick is to find friends and relatives who are willing to help, people you trust to handle the things that need handling, but most importantly people who will not take it the wrong way when you criticize their work in a constructive way. You must always remember; you can still check the final result. So my advice would be to not try to do everything on your own. Hiring a wedding planner, who can liaise with suppliers and take care of trickier aspects, will make your life easier.

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