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Art to Bouquets

For a week in April every year, the de Young museum in San Francisco, is transformed by Bouquets to Art, an event that has been drawing people to the museum for over 30 years. It welcomes spring each year with this enchanting and popular weeklong tradition. Its premise is simple: The top floral designers in the city interpret pieces in the museum’s permanent collection using flowers and plant material. This has inspired me to look for note-worthy pieces of art and correspond them to floral designs, that reflect the colours and the character of the paintings.


Deep Red Bouquet | Photography: Kurt Boomer Photo - Read More:

La chambre de Van Gogh à Arles (Van Gogh’s Room at Arles) 1889; Vincent Van Gogh; Oil on canvas, 57 x 74 cm

  Spring bouquet | Photography: Dana Fernandez Photography

The Dance Class 1874; Edgar Degas; Oil on canvas, 83.5 x 77.2 cm

  If I could get married again and have a summer wedding... this would be the decor inspiration. privet berry, kumquat & ranunculus
And the Gold of Their Bodies (Et l’or de leurs corps) 1901; Paul GauguinOil on canvas, 67 x 76 cm
  bright pink, purple, red and orange wedding bouquet with peonies, scabiosa, ferns an assortment of other beautiful flowers | photo: photo: | floral design: camrose hill
 Restaurant de la Machine at Bougival 1905; Maurice de Vlaminck; Oil on canvas, 81.5 x 60 cm
  From Inspiration to Reality: The Design Read more -
 Bal du moulin de la Galette 1876; Pierre-Auguste Renoir; Oil on canvas, 131 x 175 cm
Seated Woman, 1937 by Pablo Picasso  Top Ten Wildflower Wedding Bouquets - Rustic Wedding Chic
Seated Woman (Marie-Therese) 1937; Pablo Picasso; Oil on canvas, 100 x 81 cm
  Lost in Love ~ A Sunshine Yellow, Outdoor Reception Inspiration Shoot... - Love My Dress UK Wedding Blog  Image result for A Wheatfield with Cypresses 1889
A Wheatfield with Cypresses 1889; Vincent Van Gogh; Oil on canvas, 73 × 93.4 cm

Romantic wedding at Aphrodite Hills

It was a sunny September day. The venue? An elegant golf resort overlooking the coast of “Petra tou Romiou”, known in mythology as the place where greek godess Aphrodite rose from the waves and foaming sea. The ceremony took place at St. Cathrine’s chapel, located in the heart of the resort, surrounded by olive trees. The beautiful bride wore a custom made wedding dress by Zahavit Tshuba. Violins played as she walked down the aisle, decorated with white orchid flowers.

Polina+Andreas_0040  Polina+Andreas_0013


Polina+Andreas_0170  Polina+Andreas_0220  Polina+Andreas_0264















Polina+Andreas_0674  Polina+Andreas_0677  Polina+Andreas_0679 Polina+Andreas_0689  Polina+Andreas_0691  Polina+Andreas_0693




Wedding cake toppers

My mum found her wedding cake topper today; old style figurines, a bride and a groom. There is no doubt that this topper makes for a nice wedding souvenir.

These are rarely preferred nowadays. Wedding toppers have come a long way from those used generations ago. We have shifted from the traditional figurines to a more modern and minimal solution.

Even the smallest detail matters in your celebration. These days, wedding cake toppers are anything but ordinary. Pick one that reflects your personalities, your style, makes a statement, or works with the theme of your event.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on excessively decorated wedding cakes, then you can easily settle for a simple wedding cake and then buy a cake topper or even better a personalized cake topper. It is the perfect finishing touch. Here are some of my favorites.

collage1 collage2 collage3 collage4

Colour Theme: Red

When you think of weddings, your mind goes to pale pinks, whites and light colors in general. My opinion is never to reject a particular colour scheme. Unusual colors can be fascinating to work with. Some colors are very distinctive of particular cultures.

One of my ongoing projects is to organize a wedding with a red theme. The bride is from China and her wish was to incorporate red into the wedding decorations. Red can be fascinating to work with, as it allows several unusual combinations.

Here is some inspiration material with the color red in mind.


#1 red decor,, #2 elie saab gown, #3 flowers and designs by roys herodotou, #4 dolce & gabbana’s spring 2015 collection, #5 wedding cake,, #6 pigalle follies strass shoes, christian louboutin, #7 kitchen, lonnymagazine, #8 dolce & gabbana’s spring 2015 collection, #9

What to ask your wedding photographer

Other than the cost of the photographer, there are a few questions you should always ask before you book.

1. What is your style of work?

02_The Ceremony_0125

This is a critical question. If you like informal, paparazzi-style of photography, then don’t choose someone who specializes in traditional posed shots and family line-ups. You must be able to figure out the photographer’s style by looking at their portfolio and sample albums.

2. Will the person you meet at the consultation be the photographer on the day?

It is important to feel comfortable and relaxed with your photographer so that you get the best result. Choose someone who has a nice personality and makes you laugh. Make sure you meet the photographer and ask around before signing a contract.

 3. How many photographers will be shooting your big day? 

Especially during the ceremony, it can be very useful to have two photographers. This will ensure that these precious moments are captured at more than one angle and that you have a good variety of shots. Second shooters also allow bride and groom ‘getting ready’ shots if you are getting ready at the same time and far away from each other.

 4. Have they taken photographs at your chosen wedding venue before?

PRO_0718   PRO_0794

Ask whether they have photographed another event at your chosen location and if they did, then ask whether you can take a look at the pictures. Not only is it better to choose someone who is familiar to your venue, but it also ensures that they have had previous experience there and will know the best places to take certain shots.

 5. How long will they stay?

Ideally, you should look for a photographer who is willing to stay as long as the wedding lasts. Some photographers claim that after a point, moments are more or less the same and that it is therefore pointless to stay till the end.

 6. Do they offer videography services as well or can they suggest a professional?

Some photographers offer videography services as well. If they do, ask to watch a few wedding videos they have filmed, so that you get an idea of their presentation style. If they don’t, ask if they can suggest a colleague.

  7. What is the finished product?

Most packages will include some kind of album, digital or traditional. Make sure you agree beforehand whether he will supply all the digital files or not.

 8. When will you see your pictures?

03_The Mini Location Shoot_0016

Ask how long it will take get the digital files of the images, so that you can make your photo album selection. Then ask how long it will take for the album to be ready.

 9. Do you have to put down a deposit?

Most photographers ask for a non-refundable deposit. The deposit ensures your date, thereby making it unavailable to other clients.