Inbal Dror 2015 Collection

This talented Israeli designer makes me want to get married again, just so I can wear one of her amazing designs. Her gowns are to die for. For 2015, this bridal designer  brings glamorous and sexy-chic styling on dramatic silhouettes and I love it. It’s a stunning parade of  statement backs, dramatic silhouettes, extravagant embroidery work and lace, with dress after dress of pure bridal fashion perfection.

This is Inbal Dror.

Stylish Wedding Shoes: Yes Please!

Choosing your wedding shoes can seem like such a difficult decision to make. They are a part of your day and should make you feel amazing!

Some brides like to go for white, beige or sparkly shoes to match their dress. If you are a funky bride, you might choose bright colored shoes that maybe match the bridesmaids’ dresses or the wedding color theme.

My Tips:

One very important thing you have to remember is that you will be wearing your shoes from early in the morning until the last thing at night. You may find the most fabulous pair of shoes, but they may not be the most comfortable. So, a spare pair of comfy shoes might be a good idea for late night dancing.

It is important that you have your shoes for your dress fittings, so that your tailor can adapt the hem of your wedding dress to the perfect length. Also make sure you wear your shoes before the actual wedding day to get them worn in a bit.

Here are some of my favorites.

Colour Theme: Red

When you think of weddings, your mind goes to pale pinks, whites and light colors in general. My opinion is never to reject a particular colour scheme. Unusual colors can be fascinating to work with. Some colors are very distinctive of particular cultures.

One of my ongoing projects is to organize a wedding with a red theme. The bride is from China and her wish was to incorporate red into the wedding decorations. Red can be fascinating to work with, as it allows several unusual combinations.

Here is some inspiration material with the color red in mind.


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