Limassol in 3 words:


Sun, Beach, Lifestyle.

Limassol is geographically located on the southern coast of Cyprus and is the second largest city of Cyprus. It is definitely  the most cosmopolitan city of Cyprus, and is renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and spontaneous hospitality. Retaining the character of its rich and colorful history, the city also serves as a thriving commercial center for its international community.


One can stop almost anywhere on the coast line of Limassol or take a walk on the coastal promenade and enjoy the calm ethereal beauty of the turquoise Mediterranean waters. Cyprus has invested a lot in development and maintenance of its public beaches and there are several blue flag designated beaches.


Limassol also boasts a compact and charming old town, adjacent to the new marina and the old port. The warren of streets that flank the seaside strip have an allure of their own and are crammed with cafes, trendy bars, lively nightclubs and shops selling everything from souvenirs to the latest fashions.


Limassol’s population comprises of mostly Greek Cypriots. However, within the past 20 years Cyprus in general has been inhabited by many other nationalities such as the Russians and British. The locals of Limassol are a family oriented, hospitable, closely knit society with a friendly nature.


Religious and other local traditions are still up-kept by many, offering plenty of cultural events throughout the year. The city hosts two major festivals; the spring Carnival and the late summer Wine Festival, which are both very popular among the tourists.


There are several archaeological sites and other places of interest in Limassol. The ancient town of Amathous, the Castle of Colossi, the Medieval Castle, Kourion, Kykkos Monastery, the Archaeological and Folk Art Museum and the Municipal Gardens are some of the places of significance.


Limassol has a wonderful Mediterranean climate with warm to hot and dry summers and very mild winters, which are separated by short springs and autumns which are gently warm and pleasant.


Each season in Limassol provides fresh new opportunities for you to have a one of a kind wedding.